Luggage storage everywhere

Stasher is an english network with around 1000+ points around Europe to storage luggage. 
Described as the “Airbnb of Luggage”, Stasher is a sharing economy solution for storage. With a global network of hotels and stores with extra space, travellers can find affordable,

convenient storage for their belongings. 
Secured with the same standards as a hotel check-in, Stasher partners with leading brands like Premier Inn, Accor & to provide storage worldwide.  here


The company needed to redesign the brand, but without changing the most recognizable part of the logo. It was also necessary that the brand changes in the future but in a gradual way. So this first part was focused in to build a more modern, fresh and tech look through adding light, energy and contrast that will give a variety of elements that permit us to create a strong branding. 

Actual logo 

New proposal

The proposal maintains a key tone for the brand, with a clean and strong typography that helps a better recognition of the brand. The isotype focused on baggage is eliminated and replaced by a shape that refers to the immediacy, speed, movement and efficiency of the service that will be delivered through the network.

Carry less do more

The slogan of competitors in the same area use phrases with messages with focus on the quantitative as “First luggage storage network”, “Bigger luggage storage network”, etc. Studying  successful cases of brand that interest us, such as Uber “Everyones private driver” or Airbnb “Belong anywhere”, we can see how this big brands put the focus on a qualitative message led to a promise. In this way, focusing on the real benefit that our users have when using our service, we focus on the range of possibilities that travelers have leaving their luggage and how this gives them full freedom to do hundred of activities. This is how the slogan “Carry less do more” was born and how it become the main communication pillar for all web content, external communication, social networks and marketing. 

Welcome email

Material for social media


Material for Instagram


Web design proposal for Home section

In a first part, to work in the Home section, was necessary to decrease the number of menu items and show it as a list, in order to provide more accesibility to some sections that required it. 
On the other hand, something that fits with the results of the research made with users through surveys, is that the “near me now” button was clicked only by 19% users, who more than anything were “explorers”, since the 75% remaining, preferred to write directly the area to search. For this reason, part of the following three steps of the navigation are included in one single step, involving place, number of bags, day and time. 

Actual search bar

Proposal search bar

Then for the section that shows the cities where the service is available as stashpoints, we have a view kind as a catalogue of cities with focus on the destinations. 
The proposal seeks to highlight the focus on the communication defined with the slogan “Carry less do more”, and put the focus in images that shows all kind of activities that travelers can enjoy when storage their luggage with us. 

Actual design for the stashpoints section

Proposal for the stashpoints section




Main proposal for the Home section