La Winery

E-commerce for delivery wine

Branding  / UX / UI / Photography

La Winery is the first e-commerce service for delivery wine. The idea of the project born in Chile, to bring the best quality of productos to people. Chile a country famous for its wines, is the ideal setting to launch the project. La Winery required branding, web design, print design, social media and merchandising.


The client required a universal image that would cover most types of wines. According to this context, a fresh, modern and plural image was created that can identify the great variety of products that the store manages. It will work with just one tone, so as to balance the recharged image that can mean various types of wines, and flat ways to find the balance between products and the main image of e-commerce.
In order to work the e-commerce we tried to work with the margins, the cleanest way possible to present the variety of products. We try to create a different e-commerce experience, where many product, offers and recommendations do not hide the main focus of the site. This was achieved by placing high emphasis on the margins as well as an adequate choice of sources and sizes. The logic of the route, remained simple, from the variety of products to the detail of the product.
This web design was online 2015 – 2017