Digital Nomad

Freelance network

 UX  / Branding / Web Design

The Brief

Digital Nomad project was part of Start Up Chile entrepreneurship program. My work was to make user’s research about remote workers, designing the identity, develop information architecture ans user experience for the platform, workflows, and interaction design.

The Proposal

In the platform enterprises and freelancers get connected through an algorithm that connected job offers and freelancers for their careers, skills and hobbies, making the results more accurate for each field.

Digital Nomad was a project that searched to connect people with remote workers. But the project needed also a way to be different from other platforms. After make some research to remote workers, interviews and studies to companies that was looking for remote workers, the results showed that we needed better ways to make a better match between companies and candidates for the job, following not only the academic background from the candidates but also putting attention to their personal qualities, and passions. Then making a real focus on the remote work as a person, we can have a better result that will fit better with the company.


To manage this we added to the profile´s creation flow for the remote workers, a step just focused on detect their personal interests as food lover, nomad traveler, nightlife, outdoor, fashionist, healthy and more.  Like this companies found not only candidates with a good academic background but also with more similar interests. For example, yoga companies was more comfortable with candidates interested on healthy lifestyles, clothes brand with fashionists and some food delievery app with food lovers, because them could understand better their product. Also some developers companies, was interested on candidates that have totally different hobbies as outdoors activities or travels, because they feel the workers would be more concentrated if they have enough dispersion away from screens on their free time.

This allowed to adjust the certain of a search in a 70% helping both, companies and candidates.